Certified organic products,

 delivered to your door 

How it works: 

Deliveries to Porto (Espinho, Gaia, Downtown, Foz and Matosinhos) are every Thursday 


** Orders must be received by Tuesday evening**

Free delivery available on orders over €20

Items are delivered with no contact and payment can be made by transfer or MBWay. 

 Fresh Bread froM Paõ da Terra  

Fresh Bread from Pão da Terra!!!

All of our fresh vegetables, fruit and other offerings come from LafoBio, BioCultura, BeriaBio and right here at Quinta da Comenda! 


frutas e legumes 

All of our fresh vegetables, fruit and other offerings come from LafoBio, BioCultura, BeriaBio and right here at Quinta da Comenda! 

Todas as frutas e legumes vem do LafoBio, BeiraBio e Quinta da Comenda! 

Distilled Floral Products

Produtos florais distilados  

Locally produced essential oils, distilled floral waters and herbal tea infusions.

Oleos essenciais, aguas florais e infusões, produzidos em Portugal.

Honey and bee products

Mel e mais das abelhas 


Try 5 different varieties of certified organic honey as well as pollen and propolis from Montesino! 

Temos 5 variadades do mel, também polen e propolis do Montesino!  



Our certified organic beef is 100% grass-fed and finished using regenerative farming practices; it comes in deep-frozen, vacuum-sealed packages.


A nossa carne biológica e 100% alimentada com pasto. Utalizamos práticas agrícolas regenerativas; vem em embalagens ultracongeladas e seladas a vácuo.


 Fresh Bread

Pão Fresco  

Fresh certified organic bread baked the morning of delivery, using only the best ingredients. Try all the different varieties! 

Pão fresco realizada come ingredientes biológicas da alta qualidade. Experimente todas as variadades! 

More info for ordering meat: 

Packaging and sizing:

Our meat comes in individually vacuum-sealed, flash-frozen packages. Because they are packed and frozen ahead of time, the weight of each varies slightly. We have given average weight and price above but your packages may vary slightly- the final price is adjusted to the exact weight. 

                                                                 How to Order: 

                                     Get in touch with us by email or using the contact form below. 


We offer regular free delivery in Porto and Viseu with a minimum of €25 and Coimbra region with a small delivery fee. Keep in mind that our meat can keep for 18 months in the freezer! We can also deliver to other areas of Portugal with some planning.  

  Whole and Half Cows: 
We also offer the option of purchasing whole or half cows which yield around 30-90 kilos of meat, depending on various factors. The meat comes just as our other meat does, individually packaged in vacuum-sealed packages and flat-frozen and can be delivered nationwide. We offer a wholesale price for whole and half animals. 
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