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 Certified organic beef, honey and more.

We are not currently delivering outside of the Viseu and occasionally Porto areas. We ONLY have ground beef (mince/carne picada) and honey at this time. We are sorry for the incvonveinece. For more information and updates about the changes to our business, see our Facebook page 


frutas e legumes 

All of our fresh vegetables, fruit and other offerings come from LafoBio, BioCultura, BeriaBio and right here at Quinta da Comenda! 

Todas as frutas e legumes vem do LafoBio, BeiraBio e Quinta da Comenda! 

Distilled Floral Products

Produtos florais distilados  

Locally produced essential oils, distilled floral waters and herbal tea infusions.


Oleos essenciais, aguas florais e infusões, produzidos em Portugal.



Our certified organic beef is 100% grass-fed and using regenerative farming practices; it comes in deep-frozen, vacuum-sealed packages.

A nossa carne biológica e 100% alimentada com pasto. Utalizamos práticas agrícolas regenerativas; vem em embalagens ultracongeladas e seladas a vácuo.

Honey and bee products

Mel e mais das abelhas 

Try 5 different varieties of certified organic honey as well as pollen and propolis from Montesino! 

Temos 5 variadades do mel, também polen e propolis do Montesino!  

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